Video Testimonial for Trades Hub Academy

Commercial Photography and Videography

I am a commercial photographer and videographer based in the Sheffield area. I am the resident photographer and videographer for Trades Hub Academy (

I was recently asked to do a series of video testimonials from delegates who came to one of the Masterclasses that Craig Wilkinson the founder of Trades Hub regularly puts on.

Client Video Testimonials

Client video testimonials such as the one below on your website are a very powerful thing, people don’t necessarily want to look through pages of text on your website and no matter how good the written testimonials are they may not be read.

A video on the other hand is easy to click and watch and as well as being great for your company it is also good for your website’s Google rankings as Google loves video content.

Raising your brand awareness

If you have clients who are willing to give up a bit of their time to be interviewed by me with a script of prepared questions, I can produce a high definition You Tube style video that you can embed on your website and share on social media and with other potential clients.

How do we shoot the video testimonial?

Craig Wilkinson wanted this video done standing up against a Trades Hub banner but a more relaxed video in someone’s lounge, conservatory, kitchen, workshop etc talking about your product or service is just as powerful.

If you want to be involved in the shoot you are most welcome but if you simply want to choose the setting and location we will do the rest.

Can we help you with a video testimonial?

If  you would like a client video testimonial or any other sort of promotional video on your website please email or call 0114 205 5466 /07964 10 9 8 7 6

Press play to watch the video

To watch the video in this page simply press play. To see the video full screen press the square at the bottom right of the video.

Your browser may take a few seconds to render the video in HD but it will become crystal clear