Video Testimonial for the Bifold Network

I have been commissioned by Allan Ensor the Managing Director of the Bifold Network  link to website to take a series of videos of his business from the creation and manufacture of a bifold aluminium door through to its installation and eventually to record a video testimonial from the customer.

You can see the manufacture of an aluminium door here Manufacture Link  and the installation at the customer’s home here   Installation Link

Today’s video though is all about taking a trip in to the Millhouses area of Sheffield to visit Sam and Nick and videoing them doing a testimonial for Allan’s company. Both of them are a bit nervous and nudge each other to see who will take the lead and who will do the add on bits.

After a few minutes of banter while I set up my camera Sam has been volunteered to do most of the talking with Nick chipping in as we do it.

I wanted the video to be completely natural and in their words so there was no script to read from which would have look staged. Instead we chatted about what we wanted to highlight in the video and then Sam and Nick just spoke directly to camera. After a couple of tongue tied out-takes they got into the swing of the video and were very easy to work with.

They couldn’t speak highly enough about Allan and his company. As you will hear in the video Sam and Nick expected a hard sell double glazing salesman but you don’t get that with Allan. He knows his onions and he just chats with his customers to find out what they want and then delivers exactly that.

If you want great advice from someone who has built his companies from the ground up and has many years experience you could do a lot worse than call Allan Ensor at the Bifold Network.

If you want an unbiased testimonial from delighted customers click the video below or click the images in the gallery.