Unique Bouquet Ideas from Sheffield Wedding Photographer Footprint Photography

Here at Footprint wedding photography in Sheffield, we are lucky enough to witness a great many couples making the commitment of marriage. It really is a fabulous job, and there’s nothing we love more than capturing all of the special moments of the day. It’s also great to be able to see the variety of outfits, venues and ceremonies that people choose; you just never know what you’ll be photographing next!

As professional wedding photographers in Sheffield, we’ve also seen our fair share of wedding flowers. Capturing flowers through the medium of photography is an absolute pleasure; after all, they are naturally beautiful things to take pictures of! Here are some great ideas to transform your wedding bouquet from simple to stunning.

Photograph of brides wedding bouquet with diamantes

Add a Touch of Sparkle to Your Wedding Bouquet

This gorgeous wedding bouquet combines delicate pastel coloured roses with elegant greenery and crisp white calla lilies. The pastel shades are beautifully complemented by the tiny diamonte centres the roses, which sparkle as they catch the light. We think that this is a very effective way of adding a little glitz and glamour to a traditional bouquet, a subtle sparkle that adds to the overall elegance of an already beautiful bouquet.



Vibrant Roses and Bright Greens

Vibrant rose wedding bouquetAnother way to put a modern twist on a traditional bouquet is by ramping up the colour volume. This bouquet includes a mixture of pale pink, dusky purple and hot pink roses that complement each other perfectly. The bright greenery sets off the pinks beautifully, and the small splashes of purple and blue add another dimension altogether. As experienced wedding photographers in Sheffield, we are always looking for new ways to bring out the beauty of wedding staples such as bouquets in our photography. We think this close up shot really captures the variety of colours and textures within the bouquet.



Cascading wedding bouquet at Sheffield wedding

Cascading Wedding Bouquet with Orchids

This is another fabulous example of a wedding bouquet in muted colours, but with a difference. This cascading style bouquet combines elegant ivory roses with pure white orchids and lush greenery to create a delicate, understated effect. We like the way that the flowers have been arranged to gently fall in this way as it adds a natural, organic feel to the bouquet.

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