The professional photographer

When you commission an experienced professional photographer you are not paying for someone to simply press the shutter release button. With the prevalence of digital cameras, almost anyone can take a photo (although not always a good one).
In the end, cutting corners with your photography though can be a false economy. After all, it is not about how much you save, as about how much you sell.
When you commission Footprint Photography for example, you are paying for;

• A commitment to a consistent and high standard.

• A business that listens to its clients needs and does everything it can to fulfill them.

• Professional cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment.

• The Photographer’s knowledge and experience with using such equipment.
The Photographer’s creativity and style.

• The Photographer’s ability and experience to get the job done.

• Specialised knowledge of photographic processes, software systems, and digital production and the ongoing training in those systems.

• Proper insurances to cover any liabilities that may arise and therefore protect you the client.

• The quality and breadth of service provided to you by the Photographer.

• And last but not least, the Photographer’s actual time and effort that goes into producing your images.

As an average for every hour a photographer is onsite actually photographing, there is generally an equal amount of time in the studio post processing the raw images before uploading them for presentation to the client
As with any other profession, such as lawyers or accountants or dentists, you will pay more for a photographer with more experience than one with little experience, however the more likely you are to receive a high quality product and service.
Would you visit a cheap dentist or lawyer?

To quote a friend of mine, “If you think using a professional is expensive wait until you count the cost of using an amateur”