Sony A7R4 and Sony 90mm Macro – Raindrops

Sony A7R4 images

When it rains . . .look for raindrops

On our way back from a very wet morning walking the dogs I happened to notice a feather on the floor and a shrub all covered in raindrops.

I quickly nipped indoors, got the Sony A7R4 and coupled that with the Sony 90mm macro lens and took these images. It just goes to show that even on the worst of days you can still find beauty.

The shooting settings

I’ve found that the ISO for macro shots tends to be higher to accommodate the increased depth of field and shooting speeds that are sometimes necessary for handheld macro shots. On a tripod this would be different and you could set a low ISO and a longer shooting speed.

The settings for these photos were ISO 800, F5, 1/160th sec