Should I ask a friend to photograph my wedding?

The answer is both yes and no

Yes if you only care about getting someone free for the day and don’t really care about the results. Never forget though that the only memories of your day apart from what’s in your head are the photographs taken. If you ask a friend who has never photographed a wedding you are setting off on a road to potential disaster.

No if you want amazing photographs that you can treasure and look back on as memories of your day.

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As an example  . . .Just a couple of weeks ago we were preparing to photograph a wedding at a register office and met the photographer for the wedding after ours. He was pale and sweaty and had that rabbit in the headlights look about him. We got to chatting with him as photographers do and he told us that he was shooting a friend’s wedding but this was his first and had only agreed to do it because they’d asked him.

He had no background of wedding photography and was in a bit of a state. We did our best to calm him down, give him some good advice on what to do but you could see it was going in one ear and out the other because he wasn’t concentrating on anything except the job he had been asked to do.

If you value your friend, one of the worst things you can do is to ask this question  . . .“You’re a mate, you have a camera, will you photograph my wedding?”

These words are spoken countless times each year and before your friend knows any better they’ve done the most stupid of things and said yes!

If you are in this situation I can help. I’ve photographed so many weddings over the years I’ve lost count and I can spend half a day with your friend in a “how to photograph a wedding” workshop that will help them and you tremendously

The cost is £150.00 and for all the information I will give them it’s a real bargain and will definitely help your friend to do a better job.

During the workshop we’ll cover everything they need to know from camera settings, who to talk with on the day, how to manage people, how to photograph group shots and a whole host of other things

If you are getting the photographer for free isn’t it worth £150.00 to get them trained so they can do a much better job for you?