Sheffield Wedding Photographer Captures Unique, Spontaneous Moments

As a Sheffield wedding photographer, Footprint Photography know that good wedding photography isn’t just about getting the perfect shots of the bride and groom, guests, flowers and location. Just as important are the spontaneous, natural moments that can be captured with a camera, moments that truly reflect personalities and emotions. So we thought that we would provide a few examples of our perhaps more unusual wedding shots; wedding photography that is natural, unobtrusive and most of all, unique.

Sheffield wedding photographerCaught in the Rain

Sometimes the situations that you least expect can make really effective, spontaneous wedding photography. This lovely shot shows two guests caught in a spring rain shower, sheltering under a jacket as they hurry towards the church. The crisp colours and vibrancy of their dresses are a beautiful contrast against the grey sky and drizzly surroundings.

Sheffield wedding photographerInformal Sheffield Wedding Photographer

This is a lovely photograph of a group of wedding guests playing croquet, although perhaps not in the most conventional way! You can’t beat quirky moments captured on camera and shots like this can add an informal element to your Sheffield wedding photography. After all, weddings are all about love, fun and frivolity, and what better way to capture the mood and atmosphere at a great wedding than with a little humour?

Sheffield wedding photographerFour Men and a Sheffield Wedding Photographer

Here’s a lovely example of a wedding snap of four groomsmen taken from a slightly unusual angle! As a professional Sheffield wedding photographer, it’s fun to take the opportunity to do something a bit different with our photography at times. We love the way that the groomsmen are all arm in arm and looking down at the camera, and the way that the light reflects off their embroidered waistcoats from this angle.

Unobtrusive Sheffield Wedding Photographer

If you are getting married and are looking for an experienced wedding photographer in Sheffield, Footprint Photography can help. We are happy to take on any suggestions to make your Sheffield wedding photography as unique as possible. Of course, we’re happy to offer our advice and ideas to help to make the most of the spontaneous, joyous moments that will inevitably happen on your wedding day too.

As a husband and wife team, we ensure that we’ll have all aspects for your wedding photography covered. Whether it’s more formal photographs you’re after, spontaneous and fun shots like the ones above, or a good mixture of the two, call Footprint Photography on 01909 519 874, 07964 109 876 or email: