Sheffield Street Photography with the Panasonic G9

Panasonic G9 Slow Motion Testing in Sheffield

I had a couple of hours to kill the other day and was in the city centre with my Panasonic Lumx G9. I wanted to do a series of photographs and then some slow motion video (60fps and 150fps) testing of this amazing camera.

Street Photography in Sheffield

I started my journey just opposite the Cathedral and walked up Fargate, on past the Town Hall and Peace Gardens and down into the Moor.

From there it was back up the Moor and into John Lewis (still Cole Brothers to me I’m afraid) and out to the City Hall before hitting the Lyceum, Crucible and the Winter Gardens. Finally I wended my way down towards the Workstation area before being picked up

Slow Motion Video with the Panasonic G9

One of the main reasons to do my wander around my home town was to test the slow motion capability of the G9 and I was very impressed with both the quality and smoothness of what came out of the camera.

All the footage is handheld which is testiment to how good the In Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS) is. See for yourself by watching the video below

Still Image Quality with the Panasonic G9

I have recently sold all my full frame Canon gear and moved completely over to Panasonic and having tested image quality on the GH5 and now the G9 I feel it is every bit as good as the Canons I had. The images below were shot in Aperture priority with an outdoor ISO of 200. Indoors it was ISO 400 but taking advantage of the Pansonic’s ability to shoot handheld at very slow shutter speeds and still get amazingly sharp shots.

This ability of the Panasonic to shoot handheld at ridiculously slow speeds meant I could get crisp sharp shots at 1/10th – 1/25th sec. I shot in RAW and processed these to hi-res jpegs in Lightroom.

Click on any image to expand it then browse the rest of the gallery to see the results full size