Professional Headshots Photography

How many Facebook or Linked In pages do you see with a shot from a holiday, a night out or a badly composed selfie as their profile photo? The photo you show on any internet page has an instant message to send to anyone who looks at it.

You may be the very best in your field but if you have a photo showing you worse for wear with a bottle of beer in your hand as your professional image then how many calls do you think you’ll get.

Viewers to your website or social media pages will make their mind up about you in just a few seconds and if your photo is you out on the lash you may be losing business because of that

I can help you by shooting a series of professional head shots that can be used on the web or other marketing material

As long as you are prepared then head shots for up to 30 people doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost a lot of money

Monday and Tuesday of this week saw me in Chesterfield and Doncaster shooting headshots for an engineering company (13 people) and a broadband supplier (25 people)

I charge by the hour for on site attendance and the time to process the images afterwards but I always brief my clients that the more prepared they are for when I arrive the cheaper the shoot will be with the minimal disruption to the working day

As an example of cost, the engineering company wanted a variety of shots showing the men with jackets on, jackets off, ties on and ties off so that they had different “looks” for their website, social media, Linked In etc and the broadband company was similar

As the two companies I photographed had followed my brief to be prepared and ready for when I arrived both shoots were done in under an hour and the cost plus processing was well under £200.00

Each person was away from their desk for under 5 minutes so there was no real disruption to their work or productivity

The two companies I photographed this week wanted their images against a neutral background but outdoor brick walls and against foliage are all perfectly fine too.

If you need professional head shots for you or your company please let me know and I will arrange to come out to your premises or for you to come to my studio if you prefer

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