Product Photography in Sheffield

Product photography shoot

As well as all the commercial photography and drone flying I do for my clients it’s always nice to have a day or two in the studio photographing products for my clients.

A couple of recent shoots that came back to back were a sunglasses and ski goggles shoot for a New Zealand ski wear company called Dirty Dog and the other was for a local Sheffield company called Intelligent Hand Dryers who sell industrial hand dryers.

OK . . .how do we shoot this?

Both sets of products to be photographed came with their own challenges, the ski goggles were like a fish eye lens and reflected everything in front of them and several of the hand dryers were a polished chrome finish and did the same.

After a lot of brain wracking to come up with a idea that photographed the product but didn’t have me, the camera and what was behind me in shot I hit upon a solution that Blue Peter would have been proud of!!

Each client wanted their products photographed in their owncorporate style to match the items in their on line and printed catalogues. Once photographed, each item was then cut out to a pure white background in Photoshop.

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