Product Photography for Dirty Dog Ski & Eyewear

As a commercial photographer in the Sheffield area I get asked to photograph lots of things and I love the variety of what I do.

My week is never the same and never dull. One day I could be doing aerial photography with one of my drones Aerial Link and the next I could be photographing a family group Family Shoot

Product Photography

Product Photography is always fun though, I get the chance to work in the studio, set up lights and completely control the environment I’m working in – which on a cold rainy day is not to be sniffed at. At other times I photograph products in the client’s work if they prefer that

Some months ago I did my first shoot for Dirty Dog which is a New Zealand ski and eyewear company Dirty Dog If you click the link you will see that this was a helmet shoot.

Since then I’ve done a few product photography shoots for the company, the latest one being to shoot a series of their ski goggles. Sounds simple but this has been by far my most challenging product shoot

The goggles are wraparound style and the reflection in the goggles is very much like a fish eye lens in that you can’t position the goggles anywhere without the camera and the rest of the studio being reflected in the shot.

I wanted to photograph the goggles naturally without lots of photoshopping and after some trial and error and head scratching I eventually came up with a studio set up where the goggles were positioned at the bottom of a U shaped length of paper with a small hole to poke the camera through.

That way the back of the shot was white and only the white of the paper showed in the reflection apart from the camera lens. By doing this the post processing was kept to a minimum and I only had to clone out a little bit which was the lens.

The style that the company wanted was to shoot the goggles from a slight angle to give commonality with the rest of the range

Viewing the images

If you click on any image you will see the larger version and you can scroll through the rest of the gallery