Footprint Photography – Pre Wedding Shoot for Emily & Alex

Anne and I are a husband and wife team. We are wedding photographers in Sheffield but travel regionally, nationally and internationally to shoot our clients weddings

We met Emily earlier in the year when she came on one of our Digital Camera Training Workshops. She saw what we did and how we did it and on the back of that asked us to meet her and her fiancé Alex to discuss their wedding photography.

Shortly after we met them we received an email asking us to put them in our diary to photograph their wedding in Lancashire in January 2015

Meeting them again last weekend was an ideal time to catch up on the wedding details and to spend time with them chatting about the style of photography they want for their wedding. It is so important for your photographer to know everything that you want so they don’t miss anything.

After a relaxing coffee at Aston Hall Hotel we went into the gardens to take their photos


Finding relaxed poses that work for our clients is key to what we do
Emily and Alex pre wedding shoot
sitting on a bench
Nothing really posed about this shot, it works because Emily and Alex are relaxed with each other and relaxed with us too
Emily & Alex
Girls can stand with their hands down but guys need something to do with their hands, sometimes just leaning on something and putting your hands in your pockets makes a shot look unposed and very relaxed
relaxed pose
Another totally relaxed pose, this was shot with a long lens and we were able to stand right back to give Emily and Alex room so they didnt think they were just posing for the camera
piggy back
This is a shot they want on their wedding day so what better time to practice how it looks than at a pre wedding shoot
Emily & Alex
Technology moves on at an alarming pace and you would never go out nowadays and buy a black and white television but black and white photography is timeless

Emily & Alex PWS-16 Emily & Alex PWS-29 Emily & Alex PWS-42