Paul Carrack in Concert – Sheffield Botanical Gardens

We went to the Paul Carrack open air concert at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. The weather the day before had been the hottest day since the middle ages but typical of English weather it chucked it down with rain as we queued to get in and then all through the first act but when Paul Carrack came on the rain stopped, the skies cleared and it was a brilliant evening

I’m a professional photographer and for my normal work I use the Canon 5D Mk3. It is an amazing camera especially when coupled to the L series lenses but it’s a heavy beast especially when you have the big grey 70-200mm f2.8 lens attached.

I wanted something lighter for the concert so the photos and the video here were shot as part of the audience using the Panasonic Lumix GH4 with the 35-100 lens. (35-100mm on a Micro 4 thirds (MFT) system equates to a 70-200mm on a full frame body like the 5D Mk3)

I do a lot of aerial photography and videography and the GH4 was bought for that purpose but it is half the weight of the 5D Mk3, half the size, takes great photographs and shoots 4k video. In short a fabulously spec’d camera. ISO 400 was used for both photography and video as it was a bit dull.

Click on any of the images in the gallery to expand them to much larger sizes

For the video I used manual focus with peaking switched on and nailed it most of the time. The bits where it’s out of focus is down to me trying to video in a crowd and dance around at the same time and nothing to do with the amazing capability of this camera!

Watch the video in at least 1080p or better to truly appreciate the quality of what was shot – One thing worth noting is that the audio was from the mics built into the GH4 and not an external mic – I was dead impressed !!