Making Photography Fun – Creating A Splash

Photography is my job but it’s also be lots of fun. As well as photographing everything my clients need I like to challenge myself to create something that is easy to copy and fun to do. This blog is about doing just that.

How to make a splash

What you need is a piece of background cloth, I find black the best, a glass, some water, milk, pop etc and something to drop in. If you use fizzy lemonade you will also get bubbles in the glass as well as the splash.

For the photography I set up on the kitchen table, I used a small light (an angle poise lamp or even a torch will do), a tripod or somewhere to sit the camera.

I was on my own so I used a camera release cable so that I could drop the fruit and activate the shutter at the same time but if you have someone to drop the fruit into the glass it is easier.

The settings I used are below but they can be varied a little to get the right look

Set the camera to manual and the fastest multi shot your camera will go to.

Adjust the shutter to 1/800th sec to freeze the action.

Set the aperture to F5 for the depth of field and play around with the ISO to create the right amount of light.

I went to ISO2000 as our kitchen was a little dull. I had the light to the side of the camera and about a foot or so pointing at a slight angle on to the glass.

After that it is just trial and patience