Magna Science & Adventure Photography and Drone Photography

Photography & Drone Video at Magna

Last weekend Anne and I were asked by Magna Science and Adventure to photograph their Christmas Fair. It was to be a stills shoot in the morning of all the various locations and halls and then interior drone photography and video of the Big Hall in the late afternoon.

A Steel Heritage – Old Steel Peech & Tozer building

Before being transformed into what it is today Magna in Templeborough used to be Steel Peech & Tozer / United Steels, a huge steel making foundry and this is evident in the first area you go into at Magna. The scale of the place is enormous and steel was a 24 hour a day process (see photos 5 and 9). The full sized carousel that we photographed was lost in such a massive space. We got permission to climb up the gantry and to take some photos looking down from above (see photos 11 and 12)

Shooting with the Sony A7iii & Sony A7R3

We have recently moved to Sony cameras after many years with Canon followed by a short time with Panasonic. The Sony’s are superb in low light and this was really needed in the first hall at Magna as it is very dark. We had taken tripods so were able to get some superb low light and low speed shots of the carousel that was there.

In the Big Hall we dispensed with flash and just upped the ISO on the cameras and shot with natural light. This was much less obtrusive to the hundreds of visitors who were enjoying their day.

Flying the drone indoors

In the late afternoon we returned to the Big Hall once all the public had left to take a series of aerial photos and video with our drones.

We are CAA approved drone pilots and always risk averse so wouldn’t have dreamed of flying when the place was full.

To say the Big Hall is big is an understatment – it is MASSIVE – and can cater for a huge amount of events.

Just some of the photos from the day

Below are just a few of the many photos we took during the day. If you are interested, the shots of the carousel we taken with the camera on a tripod at ISO 500 in Aperture priority and we varied the aperture to get more or less motion blur.

Do you need more information?

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