How good is the Sony A7R3 in low light?

I’ve been shooting with the Sony A7R3 and Sony A7iii for a couple of months now and so far I’m blown away by the quality of the cameras. People have gone on about the menus but having used both Canon and Lumix I dont see what all the fuss is about. The menus are well laid out and you can select the functions you use regularly and put them in a user defined menu.

The reason for this quick review is to do with the low light capability of the A7R3. I was photographing inside a large silo yesterday for a client. The only natural light came from a couple of access hatches in the roof.

I selected ISO2000, used a tripod and shutter speeds of 1-2 seconds to achieve the results.

When I was getting to those values though I did a series of test shots to find out the optimum settings.

The photos included were a couple of the outtakes as they looked almost black on the camera and not much better in Lightroom. For a bit of fun though I processed them and was amazed by what I was able to recover. The post processing was simply to raise the exposure by between 3 and 3.5 stops and address the increased noise levels with luminence adjustments. Apart from that this is how the shots came out of camera.

The images are screenshots from LR so you can see the settings used