Headshot Photography for Ewe Move Estate Agency

Head  Shot Photography

Head shot photography is a necessity if you want to portray a professional image on your website, social media or other marketing literature.

They say that someone makes a decision on you within just a few seconds. Pretty shallow I know but that’s what happens.

If you have a drunken night in Magaluf photo on your website, linked in, facebook or other social media thinking that everyone will warm to you because of this . . . .Wrong !!

All they will see is you out on the lash and they will make an appropriate judgment of whether they want to do business with you.

Portraying a Professional Image

If you want to portray a professional image with headshots we can help by either inviting you to our studios or we will bring the shoot to you if you want it “in house”.

Bob Brown from Ewe Move (www.ewemove.com) contacted me recently to arrange a series of headshots at their premises in Woodseats. They wanted a series of posed and informal shots but with a relaxed feel to them

The shoot was all done in an hour with minimum disruption to the staff or the working off the office. No additional space was needed as the shots were done with a simple one light set up


Bob’s comments to me by email after the shoot was “I was very impressed with Nick’s service, his skills in getting the right pose for the right shot were brilliant and getting my staff to feel at ease was incredible whilst not disrupting the workspace at all. If you want a quality photography service this guy is the one”.

If you want to look more professional on your website or other social media we can definitely help you with great professional head shots

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Viewing the Images

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