Event Photography

Photographing events is always a fun and interesting challenge. You have to be unobtrusive yet still get great images that show the event off.

The biggest challenge though at any event is to capture people at their best without blinks or strange expressions. This isn’t noticeable with video but very apparent with photographs.

To overcome this unflattering “gurning” effect I set the camera to multi shot and capture up to 5-10 photos in very rapid succession so I can pick the best one that flatters the subject.

The difference between an open eye, half lidded and a blink is a fraction of a second

To remain inobtrusive and still get the shots I want and that the client is paying me for I tend to do most of my event photography with the Sony A9 and a very fast prime lens and no flash. The Sony A9 can shoot at up to 20 frames a second in total silence. By using this combination of fast camera and fast lens I can keep the speed up and the ISO down for the best quality

The Elite Business Academy (EBA)

This event as an example is a fast moving networking event with monthly speakers and lots of valuable information for business owners. It is hosted by Craig Wilkinson who is the founder of the EBA. The amount of business passed each month is huge and with people renewing for their 5th, 6th or even 7th consecutive year it is testament to how popular and successful this event is.

Video testimonial from Craig Wilkinson

I have been shooting Craig’s events for several years now and this is what he had to say about my skills in a recent testimonial

If you are a business owner and would like to know more about how to grow your business, increase sales and profits and lots more please contact me at nick@footprintphoto.biz and I will help you register to come along as a visitor.

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