Effective Product Photography for E-Commerce Websites

As an experienced product photographer Sheffield, we know just how important it is to get your products looking desirable. If you’ve got plans to sell online using an e-commerce website, you are definitely going to need some great images to present what you have to offer to potential customers.

Great product photography can make up the mind of an interested browser; the better your product looks, the more inclined they will be to buy it. The same goes for bad product photography; you may have the best product in the world, but poor photography can effectively ruin the look of it, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the product and a missed sale.

Use Plain Backgrounds for Product Photography Sheffield

commercial product photographer sheffieldWhen shooting objects, a clean background often looks best because it creates a focus on the product itself, as a professional product photographer Sheffield that’s our expert opinion. For example, this plain background perfectly showcases the stainless steel cutlery and kettle. Rather than detracting attention from the objects, the background accentuates the silver hues and allows the objects to speak for themselves. White backgrounds work well too, creating a clean and pleasant view of the product that will capture the viewer’s attention.

Showing Products in Their Natural Environment

Showing the products in their natural environment can really make great product photography. This works especially well with items of clothing, jewellery or footwear. People want to get an idea of what that product is likely to look like on them before they buy; it helps them to visualise owning it and encourages them to make a purchase. For example, good product photography of a bracelet would include a shot of the item on someone’s’ wrist. Not only does this help the potential customer to imagine how it would look on their own wrist, it also gives an accurate idea of size and scale.

For larger items, such as furniture for example, the use of props should be considered. As an experienced product photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography have often used props to dress up items, complementing the product and enabling the potential customer to visualise that item in their home.

Product Photographer Sheffield

If you have an e-commerce website and want to encourage online shoppers to buy your products, start off the right way with a great product photographer Sheffield , product photographer Doncaster and Product photographer Chesterfield. We endeavour to make your business look as good as possible with professional product photography in Sheffield. Email Nick at info@footprintphoto.biz, or call us on 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876 to find out more.