Drone Video of Wentworth Castle

Aerial video of Wentworth Castle / Northern College

Wentworth Castle on the outskirts of Barnsley is now the home to Northern College.

We were invited to go there a couple of months ago to do a aerial photography and shoot a promotional aerial video of the castle, the estate and the accommodation for prospective students.

Calling it a castle is a bit of a misnomer as it is more a fabulous country estate rather than a typical castle but if you had the money to have it built, owned it and lived in something like this I guess you can call it whatever you like!

The grounds have beautiful gardens, a massive greenhouse, a folly made to look like a ruined castle, an observatory and even its own church as well.

Only the best quality will do

We invest in the best equipment for the work we do for our clients. We shoot in 4k for video and raw for photographs. 4k video watched on a suitably good monitor is amazingly sharp and clear

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