Drone Video – The Plough Inn – Hathersage

Drone video of the Plough Inn, Hathersage

Recently we were asked to do a series of ground and aerial marketing photographs for The Plough Inn, Hathersage and an aerial video as well to show the Inn and the land surrounding it.

Drone flying over roads and houses – Safety first

Safety in the air is of paramount importance every time we fly. Before we do anything else, we do preflight checks of the aircraft, a walk round recce of the area and a written risk assessment. Only when we are satisfied that the drone is airworthy and that any risk has been mitigated as far as practicably possible do we take off.

For this video we needed to fly over adjacent houses but the landlord of the Plough had already cleared this with his neighbours so we overflew properties with the owners knowledge. We needed to cross the road once and had spotters out to tell me when the road was clear to fly across.

I hope you enjoy this video and if you are out Hathersage way we can say that the Plough is a very nice place to stop for a drink or a meal.

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