Drone video for Rockliffe Homes – New Housing Estate

Aerial video for Rockliffe Homes

Flying a drone professionally is one of the favourite things I do. I am CAA registered and hold a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). This is the top qualification to fly drones professionally that the CAA does.

I have been a professional drone pilot for over 5 years at the date of this post and it has become a large part of my business.

Although we are called drone pilots we don’t get a “licence” as such even though we have to renew our Permissions with the CAA each year.

Drone Safety

Before getting the drone out when we arrive at a client’s place of work it has been checked in the office, but once on site there is still a fair bit of paperwork to complete before we take off. This includes a task brief, an on site inspection and a risk assessment.

Flight safety and being risk averse is the paramount part of what we do.

Rockliffe Homes

Rockliffe Homes is a modern housing development company which delivers premium quality, family homes. The project in this aerial video is in Pilsley and will provide 32 homes on a large plot of land.


Can I help you?

Most of my drone business comes from the construction sector but I have done several jobs for roofing contractors, estate agents and once I took aerial photos to settle a boundary dispute

If I can be of assistance to what you do please contact me at studio@footprintphoto.biz or call 07964 10 9 8 7 6 and I will be in touch