Drone video for Green Mile Trees

Drone video of huge tree nursery

I was recently commissioned by Green Mile Trees to create an aerial video of their tree nursery that could be used for marketing purposes to showcase their extensive stock and growing fields.

The nursery in Babworth has 50,000 home grown trees and shrubs in a wide variety of species

The weather for drone flying

The weather plays a big part in drone flying, ideally you want a day with high cloud (to reduce harsh shadows) and light winds (so there isn’t any buffering of the drone in the air which will show on the video). High winds and rain are complete deal breakers and the drone stays on the ground in its case when this happens.

Can I help you?

If you have a business that would benefit from an aerial photography or aerial video shoot I would be pleased to hear from you. I’m based in South Yorkshire but travel extensively for my clients.

Please contact me at studio@footprintphoto.biz or phone 07964 10 9 8 7 6