Drone video of construction site in Barlborough

Drone pilot

Being a CAA approved drone pilot and taking aerial photographs or shooting aerial video is one of the favourite things I do, Don’t get me wrong I love every aspect of my work from corporate headshots, product photography and video but there is something unique about the images and video that I can get with a drone.

Drone video of a construction site

Just the other day I was out in Barlborough to shoot a large plot of land that is being converted into a modern housing estate. My remit was to create an aerial video about a minute long showing the site as it is now with the intention to return periodically to do update videos.

The plot of land is bounded on one side by the M1 on the west and on the other by a busy road and existing houses to the east so planning the flight to stay well clear of these involved a good look on Google Earth before I set off and a better walk round of the site and area once I got there

I sometimes find a good idea is to take off from the middle of a site, get up in the air and have a further look around like this.

Often the birds eye view I get will highlight things that can’t be seen from the ground.

Once the ground recce and a look from the air had been done it was then time to plot the routes across the site I would take that achieved what the client wanted but stayed clear of the things mentioned above. There was also a large tree in the middle of the site that had to be taken into consideration.

The finished aerial video

The day after the shoot it was time to do the editing, add logos and music and send it off to the client.

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