Drone Training Workshop

Learning to Fly a drone safely and responsibly

Have you bought a drone and don’t really know how to fly it or are you thinking of buying a drone and want some experience before you make up your mind?

Buying a drone is a large investment of money so rather than crash and burn the first time you take off why not come and learn the basics from someone who flies a drone as part of their business?

I am a CAA approved and fully insured drone operator and professional photographer based in the Sheffield area.

I flying drones commercially and can help you get up off the ground and learn to fly safely.

Get off the ground safely

Drones are brilliant things to use in my work and to fly for fun but more and more they are in the news because of near misses at airports, overflying sports grounds or places like Alton Towers. If you come on my workshop I will show you how to do it properly and how to stay on the right side of the law – and still have lots of fun doing it!

Safe Drone flying workshop

My half day workshop will include the basic theory behind safe and responsible flying before we head off out to learn the controls and start to fly the drone.

I don’t have a drone . .

If you don’t have a drone that’s not a problem we will show you all the basics with one of our drones so that when you purchase yours you will know a lot more about what you want.

How much is the workshop?

For a morning or an afternoon of theory and safe drone flying techniques the charge is £120.00 if you bring your own drone or £150.00 if you want to learn with one of ours.

Drone Image Gallery

Click any of the photos below to expand it to full size so you can see the quality achievable with a drone