Drone pilot’s video of huge construction site

I’m a Drone Pilot and I love it !

As a 5th year CAA approved Drone Pilot I spend a lot of my working life on construction sites taking aerial photos or aerial video of work in progress or completed projects.

I became qualified to fly drones professionally in 2014 and am so fortunate that I do what I love and love what I do

8th visit to the Cottingham Flood Alleviation project

ESH are my client on this project and each month I go to their site in Cottingham near Hull where a series of huge flood lagoons are being created to take progress aerial photos and aerial video of the work being carried out.

Last week was my 8th visit and the difference each month now is very distinct. Some lagoons are still very much works in progress but others are well on the way to completed projects.

Each of the 8 lagoons along a mile or so of road are being transformed from the large muddy scars on the landscape they were to begin with back to fields and meadows.

There are still another 4 or 5 visits to do but grass is growing and the landscaping is really progressing as you can see in some of the areas in this video.

The 7th visit video from last month is available to watch here Click here

Can I help you?

If you have projects where aerial photography or aerial video would add a unique perspective I would be pleased to hear from you. Please email me at nick@footprintphoto.biz or call 07964 10 9 8 7 6