Drone photography of Sheffield city centre

Drone photography of Sheffield

My home town is Sheffield and I always wanted to see it from the air. Being a professional drone pilot I had all the tools so I contacted the city council and suggested a series of aerial photos of some of the landmark buildings.

The council liked the idea so the plan was born to do this shoot. At the time we were the first drone company to have photographed the city in this way.

Flying a drone professionally is all about reducing the risk as much as possible as well as getting the shots that the client needs.


We did a full recce the weekend before at 5.30am and confirmed that the city centre was pretty much empty at this time of day so weather permitting we were all set for the following weekend.

When we are flying a city centre or any sort of built up area we always inform the local police so they are aware of our presence and that there will be a drone in the air.

On the day of the shoot it was a bit misty at 5.30am so we waited until 6am for it to clear a bit before we took off.