Drone flying for E4 Environmental – Asbestos Removal Video

Drone flying inside Davy Markham engineering works in Sheffield

I’m a professional drone pilot and have been CAA approved for over 5 years. This drone video shows how my client E4 Environmental https://www.e4ltd.co.uk/  is tackling the huge job of removing asbestos from the now closed Davy Markham engineering factory. I met Meghan from E4 Environmental a few months ago at a networking meeting and she asked me if I could do a drone video shoot and some drone photos for them at the engineering works in Sheffield.

E4 Environmental is a licensed Asbestos removal company and this project involves removing heavy duty industrial pipework containing asbestos insulation lagging to the internal areas of former engineering factory, Davy Markham in Sheffield.

Drone flying inside factories and warehouses

It’s a bit of a misnomer that drones are only for use outdoors. The drones I fly have loads of sensors dotted around the aircraft to alert you to objects in your path and they also have downward facing radar which means that when they can’t link up to the GPS satellite signals they can still work amazingly well by using their radar feed to hold them steady inside.

I have flown many interior factory / warehouse jobs for my clients and the drones are so good and so stable that I can’t really tell the difference between flying indoors and outside.

The E4 team has been on site for a few months and has already completed some areas of asbestos removal, as well as environmental cleans to areas to remove any potentially contaminated materials and pigeon guano.

Click the link below for a more detailed review of the site by E4


Drone photography and drone video

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Asbestos removal

If you have an asbestos problem then head over to https://www.e4ltd.co.uk/