DJI Mini 2 – great things do come in small packages

The DJi Mini 2

This little drone sits in the palm of your hand, weighs next to nothing, looks like a toy but don’t be fooled for a moment – it packs a HUGE punch!

The DJI Mini 2 shoots fantastic 4k, flies really well, is very responsive and takes great photos in both raw and jpeg.

Being in the new A1 category of drones (anything under 250g) I can fly the Mini 2 pretty much anywhere within reason and within the CAA rules.

It isn’t restricted on distance from people and buildings on take off or while in the air like heavier drones are and is a breath of fresh air for the sort of things I do for my clients.

If you are sitting on the fence . . .

I’ve been a professional drone pilot for many years and this little aircraft is very very very good. I can recommend it wholeheartedly. If you want to know more drop me a line.