Digital Camera Training Workshops

Digital camera training

ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field and a host of other words and phrases that can make enjoying and using your camera really frustrating are explained in plain English with no gobbledegook

If you have a digital camera and you are not sure how to use it or stuck on the green square on the dial we can help!!

Easy to understand language

A half day digital camera training workshop with us will fully explain in easy to understand language just what your camera can do to unleash your potential

Together with demystifying the phraseology of photography we also cover composition so not only will we explain how things work we will show you how to take better photographs too

The workshops are normally done at our studio but we can come to you or even do the workshop as a walk and talk session outside in the fresh air

Don’t let you camera frustrate you, take control of it by contacting us today

How much does it cost

A half day digital camera training workshop on a 1 to 1 basis is just £100.00

We have taught over 500 people how to use their cameras and we can help you too

please email to with your contact details and we will call you to chat and to arrange a suitable date

Below are some sample images showing portaits, blurred backgrounds, freezing the action, flash & low light photography, animals, boudoir and concerts and we can cover any or all of those topics in your workshop if you want us to

Here are some images to look at

Click on any image to show it full size and you can then scroll through the gallery