Digital Camera Training Workshops

digital camera training

There are a lot of people who own a really good Digital¬† camera who don’t really have much of a clue how to use it. DSLR is just the name given for a camera that you can change the lenses on – see how much you are learning already lol

We run camera courses for people just like you who have the great camera but feel a lot more comfortable with the camera on their phone. Don’t despair, help is at hand and teaching you how to take much better photos is only a half day workshop away.

camera training testimonial

Dawn and her friend Marion came a couple of weeks ago and this is what they said afterwards . . . .Hi Nick, Marion and I really enjoyed and got a lot from the session that we had with you. It was definitely money well spent!

The way you explained everything and the examples you gave really made sense to both of us. I’m truly a convert of the ISO function and can see the magic it creates – kindest regards, Dawn

do you need help with your digital camera?

If you have a camera that just sits there unused and unloved why not give it a new lease of life and let me show you how to use it properly.

I go through all the basics from how to hold the camera to showing you all the various things that it can do and best of all it’s all done in normal everyday language

what does it cost?

A half day workshop is £100.00 and you get ongoing access to lots of hints, tips and advice too