Corporate Photographer Sheffield’s 5 Top Tips for Great Headshots

As a professional corporate photographer in Sheffield, Footprint Photography know that corporate head shots are a must for any career minded professional looking to make the right impression in business. Whether it’s for your company website, promotional material or your LinkedIn profile, here are our top tips on getting it right.

1.      Portray the Right Image

A good corporate headshot will give the viewer an insight into your personality at a glance. A warm smile and smart attire in your photograph will reflect your trustworthiness, friendliness and professionalism, inspiring confidence in your abilities to potential customers and clients. Very important!

2.      Consistency

From the point of view of the company you work for, it’s essential to get employee portraits just right because they may be seen by many people, including both current and potential clients. It is important to achieve a consistent look in all the headshots taken, so that they not only project a positive image of the individual, but about the brand of the business as well.

corporate head shot for Sheffield business person3.      Position

There are no real dos and don’ts for corporate headshots, it really depends on what your business is hoping to achieve. For the more traditional shots, it’s a great idea to position the subject of the photo at an angle to the camera, with their head turned towards the photographer. This creates a more natural looking headshot, and avoids making it look more like a mug shot!

4.      Clothing

Clothing is a really important consideration for your headshot. With the right outfit, your face will command attention and the clothing itself will become secondary. Wearing the wrong clothing can take the attention away from where you want it, which is on you and your face; so try to avoid bold patterns and stripes, loud ties or flashy jewellery. Solid dark suits with well fitting, light coloured blouses or shirts work very well.

5.      Hire a Professional

If you want your headshots to look professional, think about hiring an experienced corporate commercial photographer. After all, if you want to project a quality image of your company, you’ll need quality images of your staff!

If you are looking for a corporate commercial photographer Sheffield or Chesterfield, Footprint Photography can help. We are experienced in photographing the employees of a wide variety of businesses, ensuring that their corporate headshots make the right impression. Email Nick at, or call us on 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876.