Construction Site Photography with a Drone

Aerial Photography with a drone of a construction site

Recently a new client asked me to take a series of aerial photographs with my drones of a large construction site adjacent to Junction 36 of the M1. The site will accommodate new roundabouts and my remit was to take aerial shots over 4 visits during the next year to document progress  from a brownfield site to completion.

I work with other Civils and Construction companies doing both ground and aerial photography for them.

Drone Photography – Pre Flight Checks

Prior to any flight with my drones there are safety checks, pre flight paperwork, a risk assessment and a walk round of the site to complete and this is before getting the aircraft out of its case and prepared for flight.

After checking the aircraft and doing handling checks in the air to make sure the drone was responding correctly to normal inputs of the sticks and a check of the failsafe (come home) system I began to take the aerial photographs you see below.

Flying a drone commercially is both testing and very enjoyable at the same time. The artistic skills for aerial photography and videography, while similar to those on the ground, have the added challenge of flying the aircraft safely to get the shots you and your client want.

A drone is not a toy

A lot of people see drones as toys and nothing could be further from the truth. The drones I fly and the camera systems that are fixed to the aircraft are very expensive and very professional. I can’t deny the pleasure of flying the drone but its purpose is nothing more than to put a camera where it can’t normally go and get shots that can’t be done by conventional means.

Viewing the Images

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Do you need aerial photography or commercial photography?

There are loads of blogs on my website showing the work I do on the ground as a commercial photographer and in the air as an aerial photographer. If I can help you with anything from the smallest products to just about anything else please contact me at or call me on 07964 10 9 8 7 6 and we can chat about your needs