Camera training workshop – testimonial

My photography experience is pretty basic, but I really enjoy it. I recently bought a reasonable DSLR and my reason for attending the course was so that I could get off the fully automatic setting and actually use the camera properly. Within your 10 minute introduction, I already knew that your content was pitched absolutely in the right area for me.

The way that you present the material was so relaxed that you were able to impart everything that I wanted to know easily, and in a way that was so uncomplicated. There was not a single concept from the course that I did not understand fully by the time you had finished. Your approach, in the way that you encourage the delegates to question anything whenever they want, and the language you use just totally worked for me. Considering that greater than 80% of the material from the course was a new concept for me, that is a remarkable success on your part.

As a result of this course I feel like I have a new camera, one that is way more useful than the one that I had yesterday ! I am inspired to get out and really use the kit, who knows I might even get a few good photo’s now.

Thanks again Nick, I hope you get a sense from this note just how outstanding an experience this has been for me,



Tony Brayford