Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography in Sheffield

We had been trying to fit Hannah in for a boudoir shoot for a little while but trying to manage our availability and her diary proved a little harder than we all imagined but finally we got the stars to align last Sunday at 5pm and Hannah arrived for her shoot.

I do a lot of the commercial photography for my business on my own but for things like weddings, large events and boudoir shoots I work with Anne. We have done this for a decade and instinctively know what works and what doesn’t. Having a male and female appreciation of weddings and boudoir shoots works for us as a two person team in a way that one person couldn’t cover.

Boudoir shoot preparation

We know it can be daunting for a lady to arrive for a boudoir shoot and for this very reason we take it very gently and don’t rush into anything. We start off with a good chat and a drink and we all get to know each other before we move to the studio. We explain about the lighting, what poses work best and then offer advice and guidance along the way. We take an unlimited amount of photos so out client has plenty to choose from.

Hannah was a natural, she took to the shoot like a duck to water and only needed a minimum amount of guidance and direction. Once she had the hang of it she was amazingly easy to work with.

Every lady we have ever photographed has arrived with varying degrees of nerves but they have all left with a huge smile on their face and have had a super time. For some it has boosted confidence and for others it is just wanting to do what they haven’t done before.

Boudoir shoot testimonial from Hannah

In an email from her, Hannah had this to say;

For my part about you guys and your service I’d like the say “Such an amazing experience made that much more special by both Nick and Anne! I had so much fun and will definitely be back for my wedding photos, pregnancy photos, you name it.”
Many thanks,

The photos you will see below show some artistic nudity and . . .

. . .were all approved by Hannah. They are shown here with her full approval, we don’t arbitrarily upload images from boudoir shoots without the full permission of our client.