Black Tie Awards Evening Photography

G4C Awards Evening 2019

We were out in Sheffield on Friday evening photographing the G4C (Generations for Change) Link Awards at the Mercure St Pauls.

This is our 5th year running shooting the awards and each year it just gets better and better.

The awards which were hosted thisĀ  year by BBC Sports presenter Mark Clemmit are to recognise the contribution and commitment of young people in the construction sector and the mentors and companies that support them

Photographing black tie / awards evenings

“My wife Anne and I shoot events like this together so there are always 2 cameras on the go and we can literally be in two places at one time.”

Before the event we always chat with the the organisers to confirm what they want so we dont miss anything.

Camera set up

Even if we have photographed there before, we always arrive early at the venue so that we can check the room, the light and the shooting angles.

With events like this the ambient lighting of the venue is generally low key so for us it is a balancing act of shooting in RAW with the lowest ISO for best quality and having a shutter speed and aperture to compliment what is happening at the event.

There wasn’t a lot of fast movement planned so for this evening our cameras were set to ISO500, a shutter speed of 1/125th sec and an aperture of f5.6 or f6.3

Sony cameras and lenses

Some months ago we made the move to shoot exclusively with Sony cameras as they are generally excellent for all occasions and particularly in low light.

The face recognition and eye autofocus on these cameras is nothing short of magical.

Photos from the evening

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