Aerial Videography in Sheffield with a drone for Cure Roofing

Aerial Videography in Sheffield

I was contacted recently by Paul Davies from Cure Roofing take a series of aerial photographs and aerial video of work in progress and completed work of a roof they were covering at a new build house in the Whirlowdale area of Sheffield.

Risk Assessment and Pre Flight Survey

As always, the first thing to do was to get the permission of the owners to take off and land from their properties and then check things out on Google earth. To get the best shots of the roof and the property I needed to hover over a couple of the neighbours properties but I solved that by going to see them and asked if they minded.

After the risk assessment and pre flight survey it is down to the wind and weather that governs somewhat when we fly. On the days of my two visit the weather was warm, dry and with light winds

The quality of what I do with my drones

I have a couple of drones and both shoot high resolution aerial photographs and 4k aerial video for maximum quality

Viewing the Aerial Video

If you click on the arrow in the middle of the screen you will be able to view the video here on my website but for maximum quality click on the open to open it full screen in youtube


Do you need aerial photography or commercial photography?

There are loads of blogs on my website showing the work I do on the ground as a commercial photographer and in the air as an aerial photographer and aerial videographer. If I can help you with anything from the smallest products to just about anything else please contact me at or call me on 07964 10 9 8 7 6 and we can chat about your needs