Aerial video for Rockliffe Homes

Aerial photography and aerial video for Rockliffe Homes

Each month we do a regular visit to Rockliffe Homes new housing project in Pilsley near Chesterfield to take aerial photos and aerial video of the progress to date.
We started some months ago by using our drones to take aerial photos and aerial video of a huge empty field. Since then, each month we return, we can see the changes to the site and the footings and foundations that are starting to create a new housing estate

Safety is paramount to what we do

Even though we have been here a few times now we always do a full pre flight check to refamiliarise ourselves with what’s on the ground. There are several high voltage cables so an altitude of 300ft  takes care of that, plus it gives an excellent bird’s eye view of  the whole of the site.
When we fly this site we make sure that we only fly over open land and not over other houses.