Aerial video of new housing estate for Arncliffe Homes

Aerial photography and Aerial video of a new housing estate

I am regularly called by Wilkins Vardy one of Chesterfield’s premier estate agents to take aerial photos of properties for them but this was something a bit different.

I received an email from Dan the MD asking me to go to Brimington Common to do an aerial video of a new housing project by Arncliffe Homes.

The new estate, called Poppleton Croft on Manor Road in Brimington is a pleasant mix of stone built houses

Flying drones safely – and legally

I’ve been flying drones professionally for many years and before I fly I always do a site walk around to assess risk, shooting angles etc.

Risk could be things like trees, cables, power lines and the proximity to members of the public, all of which will have some impact on how I fly.

Once the paperwork is complete and the drone is powered up and has had its safety checks done I normally take off and have a bird’s eye look around to confirm that the risk assessment I did on the ground is accurate. Once that’s done I’m ready to start the job for my client.

Aerial photography for your business?

I fly outdoors most of the time but I have done several aerial videos for clients where I fly inside their factory or warehouse. If your business could benefit with aerial photos or an aerial video of what you do please let me know.

You can reach me at or by phoning me on 07964 10 9 8 7 6