Aerial Video Indoors with a Drone

Interior Video with a Drone

I am a commercial photographer and CAA approved drone operator. I am fully insured for what I do and have been flying drones for several  years.

Normally when I’m asked to fly my drones it is outside but occasionally I get asked to shoot an internal aerial video for a client and this is what happened recently.

I was contacted by Grey Matter link to website to do an interior aerial video for their client Bulroc link to website .The brief was to fly inside the factory where Bulroc manufacture large (see also Huge!) drill bits for rock cutting.

Flying indoors is always more challenging that outdoors for a couple of reasons; you don’t get GPS indoors to help stabilise the aircraft and objects and obstacles are in much closer proximity so you have to be on your toes at all times.

Luckily the drones I fly have downward facing radar to help keep the aircraft in position when GPS isn’t available but with the amount of metal and electrical machinery it isn’t unusual for drone to be a little skittish at times.

Viewing the video full size

If you click the bottom right hand square in the video it will open full screen for you

Drone safety in the air

When I arrived there were staff working in the factory so they were briefed on what I was going to do and then explained about drone safety.

Once I had done my walk around of the factory, checked for obstacles and completed the pre flight paperwork, risk assessment and pre flight checks of the aircraft. it was time to time to get up in the air and fly the job.

Do you need aerial photography or commercial photography?

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