Aerial videography in Sheffield

Aerial Videography with a drone for AB Roofing Solutions


Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography

Some months ago I was contacted by Tony and Lisa Burgess who run AB Roofing solutions AB Roofing Solutions to take a series of aerial photographs and aerial video of a massive roof they were replacing at William Cook Cast Products.

On the first two progress visits the days were dull and cloudy but the jobs had to be done then so not much wiggle room for a better day. Please Click here to go to the original post

Tony phoned me a couple of days ago and said that the roof was now complete so could I return to take some finished aerial photographs with my drones and to complete the aerial video too.

As the job was finished we could afford to wait for a good sunny day with light winds and that all fell into place yesterday. Tony called ahead to let the company know that I would be returning.

Safe and Responsible drone flying

As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone operator, before accepting any aerial photography / aerial videography job I always look at the proposed site on Google Maps and then on Google Earth to give me a good idea of the proximity of the job to people, roads, built up areas, airports etc and only when I’m satisfied with the general look of the job do I take it on.

On Site Survey & Risk Assessment

When I got to William Cook there were other construction contractors on site so my first job was to brief them on drone safety and that there would be a drone in the air. After that it was the usual safety checks, pre flight paperwork and risk assessment.

Quality of Images

I always shoot in RAW for maximum still image quality and in 4k video for maximum video quality so my clients are assured of either high resolution stills or high definition video.

My clients get all the processed images as a digital download. I shoot each property from different heights and angles so that there is a good variety of images to choose from.

Quick Turn Round of the Images

Taking the photographs is only part of the job, getting the processed images to the client in a timely manner is just as important. Normally my clients have the processed images within a few hours of the job.

If you need excellent commercial or aerial images . . .

Please email or call Nick on 07964 10 9 8 7 6 to find out more.