Aerial Photography Shoot for AB Roofing

Aerial Photography

One of my clients and a fellow member of Trades Hub is AB Roofing Solutions ( and it was back up in the air again for them earlier this week.

AB Roofing Solutions have been contracted to replace an old roof at William Cook Castings on Parkway Avenue in Sheffield.

The 130m by 64m roof had been patched many times over the years and from the air had a chequer board effect but William Cook had made the decision to replace the whole double pitch with a new roof with modern materials and skylights.

Aerial safety checks

After a call from Tony Burgess the MD of AB Roofing Solutions to do some aerial photography we met on site and did a walk round, site survey, safety checks and risk assessment before even getting the drone out for its own safety checks of the aircraft, batteries, rotors etc.

The weather was fine but overcast with what I later found out to be a lower cloud base than expected. Because we had done the ground briefing, when I lifted the aircraft into the air it was a relatively simple task to fly the 4 corners of the roof and then some specific shots down the length of the building.

After that Tony asked me whether I could get him a downward looking shot of the whole roof. I started to ascend and on the screen the roof started to come into full view but suddenly the screen went white. I was only about 150ft in the air but had risen into the low cloud. I quickly descended under the cloud base and aborted that part of the shoot. After I had landed Tony and I went up a ladder onto the roof to take some shots with one of my Digital SLRs and finally some shots from inside the building too

I have arranged to return to William Cook on a day with better weather so that I can complete the job for Tony


Tony’s comment when he saw the finished results was – “Very professional service and quality workmanship”

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