Aerial Photography Of Old Granary

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography in South Yorkshire / North Derbyshire

Aerial photography adds a new dimension to the look and appeal of images seen on the web, in print or in Estate Agent windows.

As a commercial photographer in the Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield areas I have such a variety of clients and it is always a pleasure when they come back asking you to do more.

Wilkins Vardy the estate agent I recently flew a job for in Chesterfield Please Click here to go to that blog  sent me instructions to do an aerial photography shoot of an Old Granary in Barlborough.

Flying the drone safely and responsibly

As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone operator, before accepting any aerial photography / aerial videography job I always look at the proposed site on Google Maps and then on Google Earth to give me a good idea of the proximity of the job to people, roads, built up areas, airports etc and only when I’m satisfied with the general look of the job do I take it on.

On Site Survey & Risk Assessment

When I get to site I back up the information I have seen on line with a full walk around, site survey and risk assessment. Only when those are completed and I am happy that I can fly safely with minimum risk do I take off and fly the task.

I had already had a good chat with the client who explained the position and bounds of his property and all we were doing after that was waiting for good weather. Yesterday was dull and cloudy but this morning the weather was perfect so off I went to fly.

Quality of Images

I always shoot in RAW for maximum still image quality and in 4k video for maximum video quality so my clients are assured of either high resolution stills or high definition video.

Quick Turn Round of the Images

Taking the photographs is only part of the job, getting the processed images to the client in a timely manner is just as important. I took off at 10.40am and just a couple of hours later the client had the processed images as a downloadable web link.

Testimonial for Aerial Photography from the client

The testimonial from Wilkins Vardy is on the original blog but needless to say they wouldn’t have come back for more photography if they didn’t think a good job had been done the first time.

If you need excellent commercial or aerial photographs . . .

Please email or call Nick on 07964 10 9 8 7 6 to find out more

Viewing the Images

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