Aerial Photography With a Drone of Housing Estate

Aerial Photography in Sheffield

I’m a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved aerial photographer and drone operator in Sheffield and I absolutely love what I do. The other mainstay of my business is commercial photography and this can be anything from small products to huge landscape shots of buildings and construction sites. I can honestly say there is nothing about what I do that I don’t love

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography with a Drone of a Housing Estate

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a landscape gardener who was busy transforming the gardens of a group of  houses in a small estate just on the edge of Sheffield and butting on to the Peak District. He wanted a series of aerial photographs and also some aerial video of the work he was doing.

Risk Assessment and Pre Flight Survey

The first thing to do was to get the permission of the owners to take off and land from their properties and then go and do a walking survey of the area to pick the right time of day to fly. This was done to minimise the risk to anyone who was out and about. Luckily the estate is well off the beaten track and no-one goes there unless they live there or have a delivery to make so the risk was very small

The only thing after that was the weather. We have waited nearly a month for everything to come together but last Friday morning it did. The winds were low and the light was cloudy but bright. The only downside was it was bitterly cold which makes fingers tingle and really reduces the time you can get out of your batteries in flight.

During this first visit I did a series of aerial photographs and aerial video to establish the work to date and will return when required to take more shots leading to completion of the project

Viewing the Images

To see the images full size please click any of them and you can scroll through the rest of the gallery

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