Aerial Photography for Leeds City Council & Keepmoat

Aerial photography in Leeds

Keepmoat  click and Leeds City Council click  have been collaborating for the last 5 years on a project of urban regeneration and new build in various parts of the city. That project is now complete and I was contacted by Keepmoat to take a series of aerial photographs of the results.

Aerial safety when flying drones in urban and residential areas

Even though the council had given permission to do the aerial photography work it wasn’t just a case of take off where I liked and fly where I wanted. Each take off site and each flying site had to be carefully looked at to reduce, as far as practicable, any risk to the public.

From a HSW point of view this was probably my most challenging task to date. Normally when I fly my drones the areas I fly are generally “ready” for me, people have been briefed and the locations are not in town or city centres. This was not the case with this task.

Because of the urban and residential nature of each location, assessing the risk was paramount.  I had to look for a suitable area to take off, an alternate landing area if the take off area was compromised and this coupled with trying to get the best possible shots for my clients.

I looked for open spaces to take off and I also had a member of Keepmoat’s staff as my observer and to help with anyone straying into the area of operations.

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