Aerial Photography of a Housing Project

Aerial Photography in Chesterfield

I am a commercial photographer and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved aerial photographer and drone operator based on the outskirts of Sheffield.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography with a Drone of a new housing estate

I was recently contacted by a property management company who had built a small group of houses between Chesterfield and Mansfield which were surrounded by rolling fields.

They were struggling to convey this to potential buyers with conventional photography so asked me to come along and take some shots from the air.

Risk Assessment and Pre Flight Survey

Having received the permission of the developers to take off and land from their property and having had a look on Google Earth I arrived on site the following morning.

Even before getting the drone out of the car it is always safety first and this was achieved by a walking survey of the site and a risk assessment to look for things like telephone cables, pylons, public footpaths, tall trees etc.

Once all the paperwork was done it was time to get the drone out and carry out the pre flight checks. It can sometimes take as long or longer to do all the ground work than it takes to fly the projects I work on.

But if you do the pre flight preparation correctly the flying is just a matter of putting the aircraft where you have planned to get the shots needed.

Viewing the Images

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