Aerial photography – Drone V Cherry Picker – Drone wins

Aerial Photography in Sheffield – Drone V Cherry Picker

Recently I was asked to quote to do a photographic aerial survey of a leaking roof on a church with my drone. I put in a quote but was told a few days later that the company had decided to use a Cherry Picker to do the photography instead.

Some days went by and I was contacted again by the same company asking me to go and fly the building with my drone after all. When I got to site I was told that the Cherry Picker was only able to get so high and only able to photograph part of the church roof.

The flexibility of using a drone for aerial roof surveys

Once I had done my pre flight paperwork, walk round and a risk assessment I was quickly able to photograph the roof from the air and get the shots the client wanted. I was then asked to do the rest of the church as the shots from the Cherry Picker couldn’t reach the places that I could.

The church was on a road that would get busy with traffic and pedestrians after 8.30am so to mitigate risk I was on site for 7.15am, flying for 7.30am and all done and back in the car by 8am. I informed South Yorkshire Police as well just so they knew what I was doing.

Drones are likely to be cheaper and quicker than a Cherry Picker

If you are contemplating having a photographic roof survey done, the things to consider when comparing a drone to a Cherry Picker are that my quote was 50% cheaper than the Cherry Picker, I was on site and all done in 30 mins and I can reach places with my drones that a Cherry Picker may not be able to get to.

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