Aerial Photography at Ringwood Hall

Aerial photography & aerial videography

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography is a rapidly growing industry but to fly a drone commercially you must be Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified with the relevant permissions and insurances. The drone industry gets a very poor report sometimes because of all the people who fly them without a care for risk or health and safety.

caa approved and fully insured

Footprint Photography is fully insured and has all the relevant CAA approvals.

If you are considering aerial photography or videography for your business you must check for CAA approvals and you should only engage suitably qualified companies

One of my clients contacted me recently looking for a venue to photograph umbrellas and parasols. I suggested Ringwood Hall and also suggested that we shoot the items from the ground and also from the air.

I contacted Ringwood Hall and was given permission to do the shoot and to fly my drones to take aerial photographs of the large parasols in situ

As a thank you I said I would take a series of aerial photographs of the hall that could be used for marketing purposes and these are just a few of those taken. The weather alternated between dark looming clouds with breaks of brilliant sunshine. We tried our best to wait for each break in the clouds to get the shots we wanted

aerial photography gives a different and unique perspective

Even though I’ve flown many tasks for clients I never cease to be amazed how a shot from even 20 or 30 feet in the air is so much different from the same shot on the ground and gives such a massive difference in perspective

If we can help you with aerial shots or aerial video please contact us via the link at the bottom of the page

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