Aerial photography with a drone in Chesterfield

I’m a commercial photographer based in the Sheffield area who does both ground and aerial photography. I was at Direct Engineering in Chesterfield about 10 days ago photographing the exterior cladding for AB Roofing but while I was there the owners of the company asked me to return to do some aerial shots of their building from the air.

I arranged the date and time and having done my site survey and risk assessment I took off with one of the staff as my observer and safety person.

The site is in a quiet cul-de-sac and as well as the permission from the client to take off and land from their premises I also had the permission of the company across the road to hover over their building to get the shots my client wanted.

I fly safely and responsibly, I’m CAA registered and approved plus I have the relevant insurances for this sort of work.

If you click any image you will be able to see the full size and you can then scroll through the other photographs.