Aerial Photography for AB Roofing

Aerial photography in Sheffield

Aerial photographs for a roofing company

Tony and Lisa Burgess who run AB Roofing Solutions in Sheffield Their website contacted me a few days ago to go and do an aerial photography shoot of their client Ross & Catherall in Killamarsh.

The job was to take aerial photographs of 3 buildings that AB Roofing Solutions are changing the roofs on.

Drone safety in the air

When I arrived I booked in and then identified the buildings to be photographed. I had done a first look see on Google maps but that is no comparison to doing it on the ground.

The on site survey identified several cables and wires at BT telephone cable height and then a set of high voltage masts running about 150m from the site. Once I had done full walk around and completed the other pre flight paperwork, risk assessment and pre flight checks of the aircraft. it was time to time to get up in the air and fly the job.

Viewing the Aerial Photographs

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